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Seregno is an Italian municipality of the Brianza geographical area, at the foot of the Alps between Milan and Lake Como.

Brianza is also known as the green lung, for being verdant and luxuriant.

You could ride a bike and in a few minutes find yourself surrounded by green and feel at one with nature or take pleasant walks in many parts of the town in the light traffic and quiet streets.

It’s size makes of it a people-friendly city and therefore an ideal place for a first experience abroad.

You will integrate yourself easily into this little town and its everyday life.

You can go to the bakery and enjoy artisanal bread or for a leisurely jog in the park far from the urban smog.

Seregno is peaceful and tranquil, the classic safe little town where residents take life at a leisurely pace.

Seregno is characterised by rather cold winters (average temperature 5 C in January) and warm summers (average temperature 22 C in July).

However, despite being little, Seregno is an idyllic place which offers all the comforts of a big city.


And for those who want something really bustling with a vibrant and varied nightlife, Milan is just half an hour by train from Seregno.

Monza it’s even closer, you could go by train and visit the Royal Villa (Villa Reale) a historical building which lies on the banks of the River Lambro, surrounded by the Monza Park, one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe, which in the middle has the popular F1 race circuit.

If you fancy going for a swim Lake Como is not that far away either (Como 25 Km and Lecco 34 Km).

Likewise the dramatic and spectacular Italian and Swiss mountains and sky resorts, as well as Ligurian Sea and French Riviera are situated within a reasonable distance of this town.

Seregno is very well connected with Milan, from which you can reach any destination in Europe and the world by train, plane, bus and car too.

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