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We all have experiences in life, both in the city we live in and abroad. Worknstudy was one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever had in my lifeOne day you apply for a grant in order to enjoy an intership abroad, in Italy, and four months later you are on a plane flying to Milan. It is then when all your doubts arouse. “How am I going to communicate with others?, Will I be able to move around the town, How will I get to work from home and viceversa?” Luckily I wasn’t alone, which helps and makes things slightly easier. I was with other guys who spoke my language, who had the same worries and that at the end of this journey will have become your Italian familyWhen you reach your destination you get off the plane and one of the people who will help you throughout this experience and will make your life easier, Worknstudy’s staff, will be there to pick you up. Elena, that’s her name, became our Italian spokeswoman, and thanks to her we could clear up all our doubts that aroused when we got on the plane. We could say that she was our Italian tutor, she was constantly in touch and communicated with the person in charge of this project.Whenever there was a problem, there she was trying her hardest to solve itWe couldn’t have possibly received better treatment then what we received, worknstudy’s staff went out their way to be courteous to us and make us feel welcome and at home. Basically, they treat you like a friend. The treatment we received, their willingness to teach, the help they gave us in facilitating and improving communication, the learning process of Italian language, that’s what is stuck in my mind. If one day I had a similar experience, I would rely on them again I would blindly trust them. I would recommend them to everybody who is looking for security, trust and familiarity away from home.

Laura Gomez Lillo – June 2014





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