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By tutoring we mean full educational and work support, both emotional and practical to individuals or groups in order to facilitate their personal development as much as to ensure have an enjoyable, exhilarating and pleasant experience.

Worknstudy does its best to create a feel-good environment and promote integration into language classrooms, workplace and social integration with peers.

During your stay every 15/20 days Worknstudy organizes meetings and offers you individual and group tutorial sessions.

Our coordinators who speak Italian, English and Spanish, will help you integrate yourself into Italian culture, adapt to the new environment and much more:

  • 24 H support in sickness and assistance in emergency (including weekends);
  • Free time information about what to do in Seregno and surrounding;
  • Information on how to study in Seregno and the job market;
  • Things you can do with other students, such as cultural tourism (museums, theatres, etc.) hang out with them at night, etc.
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